The ‘Asian Societies, Economy and Politics’ module has a value of 24 ECTS credits.  At Master’s level the module is offered as a full module; its single basic or special courses can also be taken separately as elective or optional subjects by both the MA and BA students.   


The single subjects are available to:

  • BA and MA students in all Estonian higher education institutions who follow the current curricula and take them as single or optional subjects;
  • students in further education or retraining (e.g. from the business sector, or other organisations);
  • all interested parties via the Open University  


In order to complete the full module the student will have to choose a regional specialisation: either China, Japan, Southeast Asia or the Arabcountries.The module consists of three thematic blocks: Asian societies, the Asian economic environment and Asian politics.Each block consists ofbasic and special courses. Basic courses to a value of 4 ECTS must be taken in each block.Special courses of a value of 12 ECTS are required and these can be taken in any of the blocks. The nominal length of the module is 2 yearsbasic courses are offered twice during the project (Autumn 2011-Spring 2015).


Courses offered as part of the module are in at least one of the following forms: 

  • Semester based study 
  • Studying in cycles 
  • Intensive courses at weekends or weekly semester breaks or during school holidays 
  • Examination based on literature, i.e. individual learning based on literature (as agreed with the teacher) 
  • E-Learning course 

Video lectures will be used as a complementary option in case of a guest lecturer; for topics with lasting relevance or for otherwise popular topics or lecturers and when necessary for any other reasons.