Module: Asian Society, Economy and Politics

Capacity: 24 ECTS

Learning outcomes: students gain specific knowledge of the societies, economy and politics of the chosen regions (China / Japan / Southeast Asia / South Asia / The Arab countries); they gain theoretical and practical knowledge on the organisation of the economies of these regions and understand the relevant background about the societies, economy and politics of these regions.

The module is offered as either a complete course or as basic or special courses that can be taken parallel as an elective or optional subject.   

In order to complete the entire module the student will have to choose a regional specialisation: either China, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Asia or the Arab countries. The module consists of three blocks: Asian societies, the Asian economic environment and Asian politics. Each block consists of basic courses and special courses. Basic courses worth of 4 ECTS must be taken in each block. Special courses amounting to 12 ECTS must be taken regardless of which block these belong to.  

New courses are continuously added!

All of the Module’s courses (i.e. subjects) are categorised into three subject blocks: 

                       Asian Societies

                       Asian Economic Environment 

                       Asian Politics

Courses in these thematic areas are offered by regions: ChinaJapanSoutheast AsiaSouth Asia or the Arab countries.

Block I: Asian Societies

The subjects provide an overview of Asian societies since World War II with the emphasis on recent and current times, necessary for understanding the economic environment. It also provides an overview of the structural features of society, political culture, the role of religion, decision mechanisms and their historical background. 

ECTSTLÜ (Tallinn University)
TÜ (University of Tartu)
(Tallinn University 
of Technology)

 Basic courses

(compulsory 4 ECTS)

Chinese Society 

Chinese Society and Politics in the 20th-21st centuries / K.Koort 
Culture and Society of China: Tradition and Modernity  (6 EAP) / M. Läänemets

Japanese Society 


Introduction  to Japanese SocietyM.Nukke

South Asian Societies
South Asian History and Culture in the 19th-20th Century  / M.Kalda
Indian Culture and Society /   T.Toome

Southeast Asian Societies 
Southeast Asian Societies: Problems and State-society Relations  K.Dean

Arab Societies 

Special Courses  (3 EAP)

Special Course in Chinese Society  
Sun Zi’s ‘Art of War’ and Chinese Business Strategies  / M.Läänemets  

China’s Contemporary Society / U. Pappel 

Special Course in Japanese Society  
Conflict in Japanese Society  / M.Nukke

Special Course in South Asian Societies  
Political Ideas and Political Thinkers in South Asia and India M.Kalda

Special Course in Southeast and East Asian Societies
Urbanisation and Globalisation in East and Southeast Asia  / K.Dean

Civil Societies in Southeast Asia: Objectives and Impacts (4 ECTS) / Triinu Püvi

Special Course in Middle Eastern Societies
 3 ECTSIntroduction to Islam  / K. Jõgi

Business Etiquette  / K. Jõgi
Islam in Modern Times: Religion, Politics and Social Change (4 ECTS) / E. Süld

Society and Culture of the Middle- Eastern Region / P. Espak ja V. Sazonov

Special Course in Central Asian Societies 

Special Course in Turkish Society

Special Course in Contemporary History

Colonialism in Asia / M.Kalda

Special Course in Law/Diplomacy/International Organisations 

Europeans in the Asian Legal Space (in Estonian and English)T. KerikmäeK. Nyman-Metcalf, P. Dutt

Introduction to Japanese Law
(in English) / M. Nagatsu
Special Course in Intercultural Communication
East Asian Cultural Environment (Japan) / R. Raud

A Dialogic Approach to Intercultural Communication (in English) / L.Miller
Special Course in Public Relations

Non-Western Public Administration (in English) / W. Drechsler

Block II: Asian Economic Environment

The subjects combine theoretical knowledge with an analysis of practical situations and provide an overview of the organisations and business cultures of the economies of the Asian region from general principles through to specific communication trends and an overview of problems that foreigners might face in this environment and possible solutions.

ECTSTLÜ (Tallinn University)
TÜ (University of Tartu)
TTÜ (Tallinn University of Technology)
 Basic courses
(compulsory 4 ECTS)

Asian Macroeconomics  
Asian Countries and the Changing Global Economy /
Urmas VarblanePriit VahterEve PartsTiia Vissak

Asian Microeconomics

Internationalisation of Companies into Asia / Tõnu RoolahtUrmas VarblaneTiia Vissak, Xiaotian Zhang

Chinese Economic Environment
Economy of China today and tomorrow / R.Allikivi ja S.Sikkut

Japanese Economic Environment

Southeast Asian Economic Environment 
Modernising Vietnam / K.Dean

South Asian Economic Environment
History of Economy in South Asia and India  M. Kalda

Economic Environment of Arab Countries
Introduction to Economics of Arabic Countries / K. Jõgi

Special Courses (3 ECTS)

Economic- or Business Environments
 3 ECTSJapanese Organisation / M.Nukke

Islamic Economy and Finance (in Russian) / I. Ahmet
Chinese Economy
Development of Labour Market and Labour Legislation in Contemporary China / L.Karindi

Japanese Economy

Special Course in Central Asian Economy

Special Course in Indian Economy

Special Course in the Economy of the Arab Countries 

Practice Seminar

Block III: Asian Politics

The subjects provide an overview on the domestic and foreign policies, geopolitics and/or security issues of Asian regions that influence both their economic environments and Asia-directed policies of European Union and Estonia.

ECTSTLÜ (Tallinn University)
TÜ (University of Tartu)
TTÜ (Tallinn University of Technology)
Basic Courses

(compulsory 4 ECTS)

Chinese Politics:

Building a “Harmonious Society” – Recent Socio- and Economic-Political Developments in China / L.Karindi

Security Challenges in East Asia (6 ECTS) / E.Berg 
Foreign Policy of China in the XX and XXI Centuries  / T.Tiivel
Japanese Politics:
Seminar on Japanese Politics  (seminar) / M.Nukke

Southeast Asian Politics:
Southeast Asian region and politicsK.Dean

South Asian Politics:
Geo-political Issues and International Relations in South AsiaM.Kalda 

Politics of Arab Countries:
Politics of Arab Countries  / H.Geršman 

Special Courses  (3 ECTS)

Special Course in Security / Geopolitics
 3 ECTSDiscourse in Terrorism  / H. Geršman

Revolutions in the Middle East 2010-2011K.Jõgi

China and India in World Politics / J.Käkönen
International Relations in the Middle East in XX Century and in the Beginning of XXI Century  /
V. Sazonov

“The Politics of Security in Southeast Asia” (6 ECTS)Eoin McNamara
Security Policy in the Far East in the Second Half of the 20th Century and Early 21st Century M. Helme
Special Course in Chinese Politics

China’s Contemporary Politics / U.Pappel
China’s Political and Economic Relations with the USA and Russia in the 20th-21st Centuries / M.Helme

Chinese Politics: China and Northeast Asian Economic Cooperation and Development – Implications for Europe (5 EAP) / Liisi Karindi
Special Course in Central Asian Politics

Special Course in Turkish Politics

Special Course in Middle Eastern Politics
Middle Eastern Geopolitics in the 20th-21st Centuries  / K.Jõgi

Political Regimes in Near East / K. Jõgi (4 EAP)

Trouble in Holy Land - The Israeli-Arab Conflict (3 ECTS) / Karl Toomet

Military Conflicts in the Middle East / P.Espak

Special Course in Regional Policy
Issues in Southeast Asian Development / K. Dean