Asian Societies, Economy and Politics is a module collectively developed by Tallinn University, the University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology.  The module aims to increase awareness of Asian societies, economics and politics in Estonia. The module includes the existing academic experts from the three collaborating universities, as well as external lecturers and practitioners with experience in Asia. Collaboration with the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry enables the consideration of developments in the Estonian labour market, business operations and economy, as well as contact with Estonian entrepreneurs involved in the Asian market.

We offer various flexible ways to study. MA students in all Estonian institutions of higher education can take either the complete joint module or its single elective or optional subjects.  BA students can take all of the module’s single subjects. The module is open to all those in further education, retraining or other interested parties via Open University.

The emphasis placed on politics and economy in the joint module is new, complimenting the earlier focus on the study of language, culture and history. The availability of a systematic and compact form of  a joint module between three universities, is also novel. Co-operation with businesses has resulted in a module that is closely aligned with the recruitment requirements of employers. The benefits of the project range from developing general relations and networks to promoting Estonian-Asian business and economic activities. It offers improved prospects in the labour market for students and those involved in further education and retraining.

Name of the project: ‘Tallinn University, University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology joint module: Asian Societies, Economy and Politics’


Leading partner of the project: Tallinn University

Financing institution: The European Social Fund 

Financial program: Measure ‘Developing innovation and co-operation of institutions of higher education’, sub-measure ‘Co-operation between institutions of higher education and businesses’

Duration of the activities of the project: 2010-2015